Shamarpa über Bordo

Shamarpa about Bordo

  Shamar Rinpoche often has expressed his appreciation for Bordo and emphasised the qualities of the place for retreats. Here is a collection of his words.

1983 “This is my vision of the Dharma Village that you are realizing in Bordo: It will house a community that is able to help those who suffer from the problems of samsara, and have no way to free himself and no means to overcome the difficulties. In contact with the nature these people will find inner peace and get to know the path that leads to enlightenment through the teachings of the Buddha. You should know that [the name] Karma Dechen Yangtse is connected in Tibetan history with a retreat center of the 3rd Karmapa. Its meaning is "highest joy." The Buddhist center that you are at the building will be a pure place and be very effective for all who visit it. The place will run a great spiritual activity, that of the power and compassion of Karmapa, a great Bodhisattva. "

2006: „So, very good Feng Shui, the practice will be very successful here, Mahamudra practice...
...It is very important that people come here, stay and practice. For real Mahamudra practice the right Feng Shui is important. Karma Tschagme wrote that for do retreat right Feng Shui is needed. Not the Chinese Feng Shui, it is a Feng Shui for retreat. Chinese Feng Shui is for wealth, for business. Dharma Feng Shui is for meditation. So, according the Dharma text it has a good Feng Shui. Whoever does meditation here will be very successful. So, you have to learn proper medit¬ation of cause. Then you will be very successful here. So people should come to practice here. …“
“…the east should be open…. heap like this in the south [mountain],… like curtain in the North,…in the west you should have [mountains] like this [Rinpoche makes a movement with his hands, gliding the two palms behind each other) the east you should have a road,… a river in the south,… in the west you should have a rock shaped like a bird, Eagle,…Very good.”This is not Chinese Feng Shui. Phurba, Vajra Kilaya, in that tantra there is a Feng Shui chapter and also Karma Tchagme in Ritroe,…So, very good.

2010: „I think the qualities of Bordo are very suitable for doing retreats, especially for Bodhi Path Practitioners.

2013: “If anyone here wants to go into the Vajrayana practice, you can submit the application to me, then I will arrange a “jungle”. [Laughs.] Italy, I organized a nice center in Bordo, Italy, [near] Switzerland. It is too comfortable for real yogis, but it is ok for the initial yogis. “

2014 May: “So this place in the mountain is very, very suitable for meditation, for retreat,… The quality of the upper retreat center, such as like Milarepas retreat center, Gampopa's Barla Gampo, Daklha Gampo, these famous retreat centers. It [Bordo] carries that quality. Therefore [the] members [of the] organization should think, that the place should be a perfect retreat center, without worldly problems.

“People should not raise up worries for everything, what they think of. That's not good. It is a retreat center. No need to do too much things. Only Dharma practice, that's enough. Dharma practice and maintain the Dharma practice. Nothing else is needed. So for that, people should contribute helps from all sides. To carry on as a perfect retreat center. No worldly problems are required there. [Discussions, whether] one should do this, should do that. No need. Only retreat. Dharma practice only.

2014 June: “If you do three years of meditation in a city and three days in Bordo, the three days in Bordo are more effective, because less karmic contamination, less karmic influence, city has a lot of bad karmas, … Bordo is free of bad karma. So, free of bad karma.”